Halfway to the Sky

by Josie Martin

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Love is the roots baby, love grows the trees. All that lovin' is all we need, mmm Gonna plant that seed, deep in your soul, gonna water it with mine, don't ya know. That love will grow, in good sweet time, in good sweet time, mmm Don't ya worry bout me, this gnarled tree's still green, just look at my leaves as they're blowin' in the breeze, then you'll know what it means, when they say that love grows the trees, mmm Feel the wind on your skin, move to and fro, back and forth, back and forth again just let it all go, let it go, mmm Lumberjack come calling' with his heavy axe, gonna chop me all down till I'm layin' in the grass Cry for me good earth, for all it's worth Cry down, cry down now, won't you cry down on me Cry down, cry down now, do it lovingly Cause love grows the trees, mmm Love grows the trees and love grew me
Beautiful girl, stand very still Almost motionless except for your chest Which rises and then falls, rises and sets Like the sun, East and West Rises and then falls, feel it in the ventricle walls The air is in you, in and out, out and in Again and again, like the ocean for the moon In and then out to somewhere Breathe, breathe, try to conceive What is this air? What is out there? Beyond, above the sky, what a magnificent pond All blue and tense, jump in Jump in and go for a swim Beautiful girl, stand very still Those eyes so blue like the bluest of skies I take the dive into your irises Into your soul girl, keep 'em closed, girl Fade away, up up and away Sway, sway Girl, can you feel the world twirl? We're still here.
You cut you lip on the sharp edge of my skin Blood drips red, but you keep coming back again Oh I guess that you like the taste of metal in your mouth Come on girl, bite that tongue, or go ahead and shout Cause I can see it in your face, you're all over the place and you're coming for your revenge They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned And I'm terrified of what you've got in store Ooh, but I want some more Ooh, don't you want some more? Ooh, but I want a little more Ooh But I guess that's the way it's always been And I guess that's the way it's always gonna be You and me and this vicious thing But this time I'm calling it quits, I just can't take no more Loving you is a sickness and I finally found a cure And I saved some for you, but you ain't gonna like it Oh, the bitter truth Is that you and me are enemies, of our own making Cause I was always there for the taking And you were always there for the breaking Lord knows we've gotta let it go Lord knows you've gotta let me go Lord knows we've gotta let it go Lord knows
Oh, I've been searching all my life just tryin' to find my way to you Or any place to rest my soul, when the day is through And I don't know which way to go, but I know I'll get there soon. And I promise to hold you tight, while the howlin' wind cuts cold through the night When the world comes around to the morning sun, another day begun I've got to be on my way You know that I can't stay Cause as much as I love you, I was born to fly and fly on is what I must do At the whims of the wind and I can't say when I'll be back this way again But please don't cry and don't ask why It'll only drive you mad And I promise to hold you tight, while the howlin' wind cuts cold through the night And maybe then, the sun will rise, it'll be a different day And all my debts will be paid You know I wish I could stay. mhmm
After Dark 02:13
Sun sets in the West, and rises in the East Bright moon rules everything between Mm, I can't tell if he's smiling or frowning from way down here But if it were me, I'd most happily be A crescent hanging up in the sky, watching down on this beautiful life All the people with their dancing feet, you and I laughing, cheek to cheek Cause who we really are comes out after dark And what happens then is our secret to keep with the stars And you and me and the moon makes three You can run if you want to, but you don't have to hide from me Cause I'm waxing for your love and I'm waning from the light Morning gonna come take us back to the grind And oh you know we're only free at night And here comes the sun again
The city stars on the ceiling tonight are dancing a brand new waltz They shine in your bright eyes and jump to the walls and spin right back out to the street And then it's you and me and we pick up our feet and one, two, three step to the balcony And I hold you close and I dip you low as I put my lips to your mouth And you never looked so good to me as you do tonight And you know I don't believe in happy endings, but your lips and this honey sure are convincing. Think I might lay my weapons down (x4) And I wonder if the keeper of time resents his relentlessness I wonder if his hands are bound and if his tears are the sound of the rain falling down But we smile and we say to him bring on the years as our drinks dilute on the rail And you take me inside and you tell me the words you know I needed to hear And you never looked so good to me as you do tonight And you know you're my happy ending as you take off my wet metal mail and you lay it down with my weapons (x4)
Don't Stay 04:16
The sunlight settles in the evening fields where we stay sometimes when the world is too real I know you don't like to stay up late, but I can't find dream in this sweltering heat Won't you keep me company, while I wait for relief? I need you with me on the other side baby I can't go knowing you'd be here You know they'll always find us if we stay Oh and leaving's the only way. Yeah, on the other side, everything looks different Even me and you, but I still love you like I do and Nobody worries bout a thing, no not a thing Not even time or money or how we're gonna pay the bills Or why everyone is taking pills, oh what a shame You know I don't like, you know I don't like, You know I don't like to medicate Or put myself into a passive state, oh I can't see straight But I won't stay Woah, I will not stay, ooh You know I don't like, you know I don't like to waste the days away, aw You know I don't want, you know I don't want to leave you here this way oh I need you with me on the other side, oh you know it's true I know I'm young, but I know what I want and girl it's you Now we grow a garden by a cabin in the woods and girl I know you never thought it'd be this good and I'm gonna love you like I should, but never could when the world was weighing on me like it used to Woah, ooh I'm free. Free as a bird flying high up in the sky But how I wish I didn't have to leave all these people behind that I love Oh what a shame There ain't no time to waste, ain't no time to hate Woah, there is an escape Don't listen when they try to tell you, you don't have a choice to stay or go, you can always leave and You best believe, there's more than what they offer up And tell me do you have enough, is there more that you dream of? Oh don't stay, whah don't stay There's more through the door, all you have to do is explore What are you waiting for and don't stay, woah, don't stay darlin' Come along, come along, come along, come along this way and don't stay and don't stay (x a lot)
White Water 02:27
Oh the river is wide And if you're not careful you might find yourself in over your head White water gonna spin you round White water gonna spit you out In here, it's sink or swim and nobody cares where you been Don't matter one bit where you think you're going Cause there's only one rule in the river Everyone crosses, no matter the cost And everyone's hungry and everyone's lost So you best remember this, oh These rapids don't understand the language you speak And these rocky shores don't care what it is you seek And nobody's ever gotten out alive So you might as well enjoy the ride And we all see ourselves in the surface And imagine that we have some purpose Where tide meets tide, where the ocean opens wide To disperse us, ever after And who's to say what happens after?


I hope that the title of this album, "Halfway to the Sky," will in part, speak for itself. I mean to imply the growth not only of myself as a person and an artist, but of my songs. If I am the seed, if life is the water and sun and nourishment, my songs are what emerges from the ground and together, we grow into a living, reaching thing.

The making of this album was funded through Kickstarter, and I am unendingly grateful to all of the people who support me.

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released January 15, 2016


all rights reserved



Josie Martin Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My music exists to me as a source of comfort in the face of life's mysterious unfolding.

It doesn't claim to be an answer, nor is it a home for those who seek to quell the absurdity of wondering about what can never be known.

It is emotion.
It is satire.
It is art.
It is infinite.
It is.
As I wish to be.
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